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Digital Marketing

At the grassroot level, digital marketing is marketing via the use of the Internet. With the Internet having taken the world by a storm, extending the marketing efforts well into the digital platform using search engines, social media websites, email and apps is mandatory for the growth and sustenance of the organisation.

PHACSIN focusses mostly on social media marketing and Seach engine optimization strategies, to say the least.

UI/UX Designing

The goal of User interface designing is mainly to enhance usability and user experience.

Improved Usability

Improved usability is dedicated to improving your audiences' online reading experience.

Design Mastery

To gain mastery in designing area requires a great deal of dedication, experiment, and passion.

Strategy & Innovation

Our design scheme is a combination of design thinking, design management, strategy & systems. complexity thinking, innovation processes, futures forecasting, leadership and advanced sustainability practice.
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    Design Thinking
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    Complexity Thinking
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    Design Management
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    Innovative Processes
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    Advanced Practice

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